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uop2cal: Subscribe to your @PortsmouthUni timetable as an iCal feed (UPyoursUPlink?)

Anyone who goes to the University of Portsmouth will be familiar with UPlink, the University’s portal system, and with the timetable it contains. Most people (especially anyone under what used to be ECE) will be familiar with the frustration of lectures changing times/dates/moving room/no longer existing despite being marked as “confirmed”, and the univeristy-standard oh-so-helpful response of “You should be checking it everyday”, along with the other dozen-or-so university sites we’re supposed to be checking every day. (Can you notice my frustration yet? I was originally planning to call this UPyoursUPlink but have since decided on the less-offensive but less-descriptive uop2cal)

This script is a pretty simple one, it uses cURL to screen-scrape the portal and retrieve your timetable, an obnoxious set of regexes (<3) to parse the data into an array, and then the iCalcreator class to generate an ICS file of your timetable, complete with the details (name, lecturer, room, confirmed/unconfirmed (not that I can find a difference, mind), group, etc).

Update: Previously, I was supplying a hosted copy for anyone to use, but I have been advised by the University that you willingly giving me your username and password somehow contravenes the Computer Misuse Act 1990. Whether or not this is the case is irrelevant, as they have asked I stopped doing this. In any case, the source code is still available below (unless they later tell me that’s a problem somehow, too), so you can run your own copy.

Update update: Apparently the University still weren’t too happy with the provisions I had made the last time they contacted me, and have once again requested I remove this. As such, this source is no longer publicly available. Queries about why can be directed towards the University itself, queries about the source are welcome to me.