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Project Morior

Having recently joined Jenny in anĀ endeavourĀ to create an adventure game, I got to indulge an old hobby of mine that I haven’t done so in quite a while; photography. Armed with a Canon PowerShot S3 and a new tripod, we went out to take some Myst-like shots in and around Portsmouth. It was only the first day of picture-taking, but a good start. What we neglected to consider was the weather.


Most of the pictures we got came out nicely despite the rain and torrential winds, but we sure got wet. A few pictures did end up suffering from ‘wet-lens’ though, which can be a cool effect but isn’t quite what we’re going for. We did, however, get some nice 360-degree shots of inside some of the structures of Old Portsmouth that should be pretty good for an adventure game!

Now comes the fun decision; flash, HTML 5/JavaScript or something else altogether… Ah well, to be decided.

Check out the project website if you want to follow development.