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BoxBot, the predecessor to SphereBot, was an extremely modular IRC bot, but the downfall lay in the fact that BoxBot’s modules were not nearly as flexible as originally planned. BoxBot’s modules were strictly Perl, and could only be bound to a few IRC events (join, part, topic, and privmsg). The PRIVMSG-bound modules had to be bound to a single specific command, which consisted of the configured command prefix ( the default was ‘::’) followed by the module name. The JOIN-, PART- and TOPIC-bound moudles could only be associated with one channel; multiple channels required multiple modules. Similarly, the PRIVMSG-bound modules could only be bound to a single command; multiple commands required multiple module files. SphereBot was conceived while trying to repair these issues with BoxBot – it was felt that the only way to fully fix these problems without using band-aid hacks was to start over from scratch. So SphereBot was born.

BoxBot is not altogether useless; however SphereBot effectively performs almost all of the functions that BoxBot was designed to. There is even a SphereBot module that allows backwards compatibility with BoxBot modules. I consider BoxBot to be deprecated. BoxBot is not available for download at the moment. In the meantime, if you wish to acquire a copy, contact me. I’ll be glad to send it to you.