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PHPhruitWall is the PHP rendition of a Perl script (“fruitwall”) from the PhoneLosers of America that acts as a tagboard of sorts. The fruitwall is included into a page, and shows a short message. Anybody can click on that message, and change it, to read a new message. The messages and IP addresses are archived, so that by clicking the ‘archive’ link, you are able to see all of the messages in the fruitwall’s archive. This script is considered obsolete — I’m unsure at this time if it will work with current versions of PHP whilst unmodified, I can’t even remember what the REGISTER_GLOBALS method used on it was. This was written quite some time ago. It is available for download here, although I’m starting to toy with the idea of a new ajax-y version of the script. Maybe. Keep your eye out.

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